Tamilisai Soundararajan youngest Guv Andhras Harichandan oldest at 85

first_imgNew Delhi: Tamilisai Soundararajan, who was on Sunday sworn in as the first woman governor of Telangana, is the youngest among all state governors, while Andhra Pradesh’s Biswa Bhusan Harichandan is the oldest at the age of 85. The average age of governors is 73 after the appointment of five new governors on September 1 by President Ram Nath Kovind. Fifty-eight-year-old Soundararajan was the former Tamil Nadu BJP chief and the party’s national secretary. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’On September 1, the president named her as the second governor of Telangana which was formed on June 2, 2014. Earlier, the post was held by E S L Narasimhan. She is the only governor who is under 60 years of age. The second youngest governor is Acharya Devvrat, 60, who is serving as the governor of Gujarat since July this year. The maximum number of the governors fall in the age group of 70-79. Out of the 28 governors heading the Raj Bhavans of 29 states, one is below 60, seven are in their 60s, while 14 in their 70s. Six of them are in their 80s. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&KJagdish Mukhi, 76, who is the Assam governor, is also the governor of Mizoram (additional charge) since March 8, 2019. As many as 19 of them are the first time governors, while nine have previously been in the Raj Bhavans of other states. Six of the state governors are women. Veteran BJP leader Harichandan, who was born on August 3, 1934, is the 23rd governor of undivided Andhra Pradesh. Currently, he is the oldest governor. Harichandan is the first governor to be appointed exclusively for the state after the bifurcation. Earlier, Narasimhan was holding the charge of both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana after Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated in 2014. Harichandan began his career as a lawyer in the Odisha High Court in 1961 and joined the then Bharatiya Jana Sangh in 1971. He joined the BJP in 1980 when it was founded and became the president of the Odisha state unit. During Emergency, he was arrested under the Maintenance of Internal Security Act (MISA) in 1975 as he fought against suppression of judges in the Supreme Court. Governor of Madhya Pradesh Lalji Tandon, 84, is the second senior-most governor after Harichandan. He was the governor of Bihar before being moved to Madhya Pradesh in July.last_img read more

Trump wants to slash immigration cites Canada as inspiration

first_imgWASHINGTON – The Trump administration has endorsed a plan to slash immigration in half, limit the entry of non-English speakers, curb family sponsorships and penalize migrants whose spouses are less skilled and it’s selling that plan by pointing northward.To Canada.The administration is citing its northern neighbour as an inspiration for an immigration reform that contains definite traces of Canadian influence — but to find them, you’d need to squint past major aspects of the plan.The point of commonality is a points-based system in which applicants with high skills get favoured in Canada and Australia, a program pioneered a half-century ago in the Great White North which the U.S. says it now wants to emulate.Such a move would revolutionize an American system that has historically relied on employers and families sponsoring newcomers, in favour of just letting people apply and get a points grade based on skills and education.“The points-based system that Canada has, has a lot to recommend it,” said Stephen Miller, a presidential adviser.“We actually took that and added things.”More precisely, they subtracted things: People.This is where it differs from Canada’s system. The reform proposed Wednesday would halve legal immigration to the United States — which already has a far smaller proportion at one million immigrants per year to Canada’s 250,000.The plan has almost no chance of becoming law in its current form.It was swiftly opposed by some Republican lawmakers and will inevitably meet resistance from Democrats, which makes the slog to the necessary 60 per cent of Senate votes impossible without major changes.But it has launched a debate. One immigration scholar calls this necessary for the country.“I’m surprised that I’m not outraged,” Vivek Wadhwa of Carnegie Mellon University told MSNBC. “I thought it would be another Stephen Bannon special. But it isn’t. It may actually be quite reasonable. Who says that immigration can’t be adapted to the needs of the country?“Now, we can argue about the number of immigrants. … (But) this is a good debate to be having in America.”Miller explained how the points system would work. Again mentioning Canada and Australia, he listed some examples: “Does the applicant speak English? Can they support themselves and their families, financially? Do they have a skill that will add to the U.S. economy? Are they being paid a high wage?”The overall goal is to keep out poorer, less-educated immigrants who are likelier to claim welfare or compete for working-class jobs, Miller said. He described it as a historic change, a moral issue and something the vast majority of Americans support according to polls.But it’s sure to face a noisy fight.The polling, for instance, showed 38 per cent support for reducing immigration, according to Gallup, compared with 38 per cent who wanted the status quo and 21 per cent who wanted more immigrants.Even the White House news conference devolved into heated exchanges.Miller was indignant at a suggestion that the plan might be seen as racist. Things got tense when CNN’s Jim Acosta referred to his own immigrant father from Cuba and suggested this was a betrayal of the American values inscribed upon the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”Miller’s reply: the poem about poor immigrants, by Emma Lazarus, was added almost 20 years after the statue was erected.He said the effect of this bill would be to cut net immigration in half. It would achieve that with a panoply of provisions. Introduced by two Republican senators from Arkansas and Georgia, the bill would:—Reduce categories for family applications. Residents could still sponsor spouses and minor children, but not other relatives.—Remove a diversity lottery.—Insist upon English proficiency to immigrate.—Redefine “immediate relative” to include children age 18 and under, down from the current age 21.—Deduct points for skilled workers whose spouses are less skilled.—Offer bonus points for some types of advanced degrees.—Give bonus points for applicants earning 150 per cent of the national average income.—Provide bonus points for some types of high achievers, not others. It mentions certain categories of Nobel prizes and certain athletes, such as those who’ve won an Olympic medal.An immigration-policy analyst who worked at the U.S. embassy in Canada said this plan makes a fundamental mistake: Presenting immigrants as a burden on society, rather than an economic benefit.Theresa Cardinal Brown said the level of U.S. immigration is what has kept the country from suffering the effects of an aging population, like Japan and Russia. And she said that while the U.S. needs immigration reform, this isn’t it.“I think some people who talk about the Canadian system don’t have more than a passing familiarity. They know it’s points-based and they know it’s quote-unquote merit-based, but they don’t know a lot about it,” said the former U.S. federal official, now director of immigration and cross-border policy at Washington’s Bipartisan Policy Center.“Yes we need changes… (But this is) not workable.”last_img read more

McGill University decides its time to take the name Redmen out of

first_imgTom FennarioAPTN NewsMcGill University in Montreal has decided that it’s time to get rid of its long time sports team name the Redmen.While the university’s nearly 200 year history has seen prime ministers and Nobel Prize winners attend its institutions, the Redmen name for its varsity sports teams have been subject to much criticism for using a name that Indigenous students find offensive.The name first appeared in 1927 as a reference to the team’s colours and Scottish heritage of its founder James McGill.“Even though that may be the origins of the name, because of how it’s been used and the imagery that’s been associated with it, you can’t remove those connotations from a name,” said Catie Galbraith from the McGill student’s alliance.(“We’re hoping that this is the first step in making Mcgill a better place for Indigenous students,” says Catie Galbraith. Photo: Tom Fennario/APTN)According to a 2015 presentation by former McGill student Raymond Grafton, the name quickly evolved into something else.The presentation uses yearbook and school paper references to show that in the 50’s intermediate teams became known as Indians.In the 1960s the women’s teams were referred to as squaws.In the 1980s a distinctly Indigenous logo was created and added to the uniform.And in the 1990s, Mcgill put an end to all Indigenous references towards the Redmen name.Except that, as students like Galbraith like to point out, “Redmen” itself still has negative associations.“Redmen is still, in the dictionary, it’s a slur,” she said. “Even if it wasn’t meant to be when they chose the name, it’s still a slur and to people who aren’t familiar with the history, that’s all they’ll get out of it.”Galbraith, who is Native American from the Chickasaw Nation,  was part of student led movement last year to change the name.On Friday, Mcgill University agreed.In a statement, McGill Principal Suzanne Fortier issued a statement.“Inclusion and respect are at the core of our university’s principles and values,” she said in the statement. “For these reasons, the Redmen name is not one that our community would choose today, and it is not one that Mcgill should carry forward.”Galbraith said that Indigenous students have long been arguing for a name change, and she credits those that came before her for laying the groundwork.She just wishes that their efforts had been acknowledged sooner.“We’re happy the name has changed, we’re not happy with how long it has taken, we’re very hopeful for the future,” she said.“And we’re hoping that this is the first step in making Mcgill a better place for Indigenous students.”tfennario@aptn.ca@tfennariolast_img read more

Moroccan Central Bank Keeps Interest Rate Flat

Rabat- Bank-Al-Maghrib, Morocco’s central bank, said it is maintaining its benchmark interest rate at 2.5 per cent because inflation will remain subdued.The quarterly report by the Bank-Al-Maghreb released on Tuesday has revealed that inflation has reached 1.5 per cent on average in the first two months of 2015, slightly higher than the central bank’s forecast in December when it predicted 1.2 per cent and 1.3 per cent inflation in the first quarter of 2016.The bank, which cut its interest rate twice by 50 basis points in 2014, said that the country’s current account deficit is expected to drop to about 4 per cent of GDP in 2015, from 5.9 per cent a year earlier boosted by lower energy bills. The central bank’s estimates are based on $60 a barrel of crude oil in the international market. The country’s economy is expected to grow by 5 per cent in 2015, up from 2.5 per cent in 2014 because of an expansion of agricultural output and a continued improvement in the non-agricultural sector. read more

FAR Inspector General Receives British MENA Region Defense Advisor

Rabat – Louarak and Lorimer met on Monday in Rabat with the British ambassador to Morocco, Thomas Reilly. Their meeting focused on strengthening bilateral cooperation to promote the two armies’ interoperability through sharing experience and expertise.The two countries’ military cooperation includes training and joint exercises, such as the “Jebel Sahara” exercise, which takes place annually in Marrakech in the fall.arAccording to an official statement about Monday’s meeting,the two countries’ military cooperation is governed by a 1993 interoperability agreement as well as a status-of-forces agreement (SOFA) inked in 2013. Within the framework of the agreements,  a joint commission defines an agenda to schedule bilateral activities. The commission meets every year, alternating in Rabat and London. read more

Haiti needs international aid at current crucial juncture says UN official

“We’ve seen statistically that countries that are coming out of a long period of tension or conflict have a strong tendency to relapse” without “strong and coherent support from the international community,” Joel Boutroue, the Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative for Haiti, told reporters at a press briefing.He called for an intensification of actions such as those currently underway to reform the police and justice system in Haiti.Mr. Boutroue cited positive gains the country has made recently, pointing out that recent presidential, legislative and local elections have given the Government much-needed credibility, while Haiti’s investment in development projects reflects its commitment to stability.The envoy also lauded the efforts to rid the capital Port-au-Prince of gangs, allowing the residents of notorious slum areas such as Cité Soleil to regain freedom and a sense of security.However, without a large infusion of cash into the neighbourhoods, the population will remain mired in poverty and will “rapidly lose confidence or trust in its Government and in the international community as a whole,” he warned. Haitians must be made aware that there is a marked difference between when gangs operated with impunity and now, when the Government, with the strong support of the world, “runs the show.”The UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti, known as MINUSTAH, has been conducting sweeps to rid Port-au-Prince of violent crime. Blue helmets have arrested almost 60 suspected gangsters since a crack-down was launched on armed marauders earlier this month. 28 February 2007Immediate urgent action and increased aid, especially financial support, from the international community are necessary to improve the humanitarian situation in Haiti which is at a “crossroads in its history,” a United Nations envoy to the country said today in New York. read more

UN calls on Coalition forces in Afghanistan to learn from deaths of

“The protection of civilians is an obligation that must be observed by all,” the Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG), Lakhdar Brahimi, said after the deaths of six children in an air strike by the US-led Coalition forces in Paktya province on Friday were disclosed.As he said on Sunday about the first known killing, that of nine children by Coalition forces in Ghazni on Saturday, Mr. Brahimi said, “In addition to the terrible loss suffered by the families of these children, this type of incident has a deteriorating and destabilizing effect, as it adds to the sense of insecurity and fear in the country.””Unfortunately and worryingly, this type of incident also makes it easier for those who are trying to spoil the peace process to rally support for their cause,” he added.UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s spokesman associated him with Mr. Brahimi’s remarks.In answer to a question, the spokesman for the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), Manoel de Almeida e Silva, said Mr. Brahimi had contacted the US ambassador in Kabul, but had made no specific recommendations.”We do not know the details of their military planning. We do not know the details of their military operations, so we are not competent to make military comments,” he said. “Our comment is on the impact of such incidents and on the fact that any military organization has a responsibility to protect civilians.”The Afghanistan Country Office of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) added, “The death of one child is one death too many.””Afghanistan is entering a crucial period of its history,” it said. “UNICEF calls upon all those involved in military activity in Afghanistan to exercise the greatest caution in their operations to ensure that local communities do not lose faith in the essential reconstruction process now underway across the country.”The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said, meanwhile, that it had sent a security mission to Kandahar this week, following a similar mission to Jalalabad earlier this month, but full resumption of operations would not take place in the near future unless security along the border with Pakistan improved. read more

Big week for Sharknado but bad week for Fox in television ratings

by David Bauder, The Associated Press Posted Aug 5, 2014 4:05 pm MDT Big week for ‘Sharknado’ but bad week for Fox in television ratings AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email NEW YORK, N.Y. – With “Sharknado” and a tight battle between NBC and CBS, the week’s Nielsen ratings illustrated how that traditional measurement is becoming less of a clear picture of how people are consuming television.Last week’s debut of the campy “Sharknado 2: The Second One” sequel averaged 3.87 million viewers on the SyFy network, the Nielsen company said. That was good, although not great: Seven other programs on cable television alone had larger audiences last week.But SyFy didn’t air the movie just once. “Sharknado 2: The Second One” was on four times last week, seen by a total of 9.5 million people. The movie also inspired some 581,000 tweets last week, more than any other program on television, Nielsen said.There were shark-infested skies on SyFy all week, since the network aired last year’s original movie four times, too.Meanwhile, Nielsen said NBC narrowly beat CBS to be the most-watched network last week. The three most popular programs on the air last week were all on NBC — two editions of “America’s Got Talent” and Sunday’s exhibition football game between the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills.Wait a few days, however, and CBS is likely to claim the week’s crown. That’s because Nielsen’s weekly rankings are based on who watches the programs live or within the next 24 hours, and reality shows and sports programming are most likely to be watched live.Dramas, which dominate CBS’ schedule, are more likely to be time-shifted. For example, the July 14 episode of CBS’ “Under the Dome” was seen by 7.6 million people within the first 24 hours, and just under 12 million within seven days — a 57 per cent increase due to people watching on their DVRs or on demand. That week’s one episode of “America’s Got Talent” saw only a 17 per cent bump when the full week’s viewership was taken into account.Fox saw an historic low in the ratings last week. Its prime-time average of 2.3 million viewers was lower than any other week’s average achieved by any of the four biggest broadcast networks in Nielsen’s records, with the exception of a couple of weeks in 2012 when NBC aired the London Olympics. Fox aired few original programs last week except for “Master Chef” and “Hotel Hell.”NBC averaged 5.4 million viewers for the week in prime time. CBS had 5.3 million, ABC had 4.5 million, Univision had 3.2 million, Telemundo had 1.3 million and ION Television had 1.2 million.Three networks were bunched at the top of the week’s cable ratings. TNT averaged 2.099 million viewers in prime time, the Disney Channel had 2.097 million and USA had 2.093 million. Fox News Channel had 1.83 million and History 1.81 million.NBC’s “Nightly News” topped the evening newscasts with an average of 7.9 million viewers. ABC’s “World News” was second with 7.3 million and the “CBS Evening News” had 5.8 million viewers.For the week of July 28-Aug. 3, the top 10 shows, their networks and viewerships: “America’s Got Talent” (Wednesday, 9 p.m.), NBC, 10.79 million; “America’s Got Talent” (Tuesday), NBC, 10.64 million; NFL Exhibition Game: N.Y. Giants vs. Buffalo, NBC, 8.53 million; “NCIS,” CBS, 8.44 million; “The Bachelorette: After the Rose,” ABC, 8.16 million; “60 Minutes,” CBS, 8.05 million; “The Bachelorette,” ABC, 8 million; “NFL Pre-Game Show,” NBC, 7.56 million; “The Big Bang Theory,” CBS, 7.2 million; “Big Brother” (Sunday), CBS, 6.58 million.___ABC is owned by The Walt Disney Co. CBS is owned by CBS Corp. CW is a joint venture of Warner Bros. Entertainment and CBS Corp. Fox is owned by 21st Century Fox. NBC and Telemundo are owned by Comcast Corp. ION Television is owned by ION Media Networks.___Online:http://www.nielsen.com read more

Ohio State leaves Missouri tournament 21 falls to Missouri State in fiveset

Members of the Ohio State women’s volleyball team celebrate after scoring against LIU Brooklyn on Sept. 2, 2016. OSU won, 3-0. Credit: Jenna Leinasars | Assistant News DirectorThe Ohio State women’s volleyball team is on their way back to Columbus with a 7-2 overall record after a weekend of play at the Dr. Mary Jo Wynn Invitational in Springfield, Missouri. OSU finished the tournament 2-1, taking down Indiana Univerisity – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) and the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. The Buckeyes weren’t able to stop the Missouri State Bears, however –  marking their second loss this season. The Buckeye “tribe” had no problem sweeping IUPUI in three sets, but went the full-five sets in their next two matches – their bout against MSU lasting nearly two and half hours. Senior libero Valeria Leon and senior middle blocker Taylor Sandbothe were named to the all-tournament team – the tenth time for Sandbothe in the last 11 non-conference events. This weekend’s tournament also pushed the pair even further in their quest to hold the top spots amid the OSU record books. For Leon, she moved into second place for career digs with a total of 1,399. She’ll need to scrape up just under 200 more digs to pass first place holder Stacey Gordon (2001-2004) with 1,572. Sandbothe’s career total block count of 459 puts her in the third-place position, just below Danielle Meyer (2004-2007) with 479. Sandbothe also ranks second in school history for career solo blocks.IUPUIThe Buckeyes bulldozed over the Jaguars in the first set, 25-9. Things didn’t look up for IUPUI in the second set with OSU coming out on top, 25-13. OSU was able to tally a win on their record after they took the third set, 25-13. The Buckeyes held the Jaguars to a mere .011 attacking efficiency, while on the other side of the net, Sandbothe and freshman middle blocker Madison Smeathers combined for 24 kills on the match. Smeathers saw her second career start against IUPUI.Missouri StateThe Buckeyes jumped out to an early 4-0 in the first set and never relinquished their lead. They took the set 25-21. The second set was a game of back-and-forth between the two teams, but this set belonged to the Bears, 25-23. OSU held the lead for almost the entire third set, until they fell behind at 18-19. An OSU timeout at 20-23 wasn’t enough to cinch a victory, and MSU would win the third set, 25-21. Good things happen for the Buckeyes when they are ahead early in the set, and that remained to be true in the fourth. A final kill by junior outside hitter Luisa Schirmer would keep OSU alive to play again in the fifth set.Buckeyes would lead the final set 9-8 before the Bears called a timeout. A kill from MSU’s Lynsey Wright would be enough to gain momentum of the set and the match. MSU won the fifth set, 15-12. This is the second time this season that the Bears have beaten a nationally-ranked Big Ten team. They won against a then-No. 14 Illinois team in five sets on Aug. 27. Both of OSU’s losses so far this season have been in five-set decisions.Green BayOSU led the first set for 15 points before falling into a hole the team wasn’t able to climb out of. The Phoenix would win the first set of the game, 25-21. The Buckeyes may have been down, but they were not out. OSU battled their way back from an early deficit in the second set, solidified by the swinging power of Sandbothe, slamming down nine kills. OSU shut down the Phoenix in the third set, 25-15. A change of sides also proved to be a change of fate. Green Bay took the win on the fourth set and held OSU to only 14 points. A quick fifth set went in favor of the Buckeyes, 15-11, and OSU ended the tournament, 2-1. The Buckeyes served 10 aces during the match, three coming off the hands of junior defensive specialist Kalisha Goree. Sandbothe posted 20 kills on the match, but it was sophomore setter Taylor Hughes that led in attacking efficiency with eight kills on 11 errorless attempts. Hughes also collected 49 assists. The Buckeye “tribe” finished the tournament with a 7-2 record heading into their last weekend of non-conference play at the Ball State Active Ankle Challenge on Friday in Muncie, Indiana. read more

Men women top Penn State in coed gymnastics meet

With a vocal and almost twice the normal-size crowd in St. John Arena Saturday, the Ohio State men’s and women’s gymnastics teams won their annual co-ed meet against Penn State.The women’s team swept three of its four events while the men edged out No. 5 PSU in pommel horse, rings, parallel bars and high bar.Women’s coach Carey Fagan said the co-ed meet is an event both teams look forward to every year. Men’s coach Miles Avery agreed, crediting crowd size as one of the biggest advantages in a co-ed meet.“It’s tremendous in terms of doubling the size of the audience and the fans that come and see the Buckeyes,” he said.Coach Fagan said that “the advantage is just the synergy of both teams together.” Because both teams train in the gym together, there’s a bond of support formed for one another’s program, she said.Senior captain Hilary Dow said each team attends each other’s meets when they’re not competing and a co-ed meet is an opportunity to cheer each other on at the same time.But a co-ed meet has it’s drawbacks with setup, warm-up space and distractions, Dow said.“You got to make sure that the whole team is focused on what the team is doing and you don’t take the crowd or anything that’s going on as a distraction,” Dow said.Because OSU schedules a co-ed meet with Penn State every year, the gymnasts are getting used to the confusion and congestion on the floor, Fagan said.But Avery thinks the congestion is what “adds to the excitement. There’s so much going on, and [the gymnasts] are busy anyways, so they love it that way,” he said.By meet’s end, the women’s team recorded eight season highs and three career bests in their third win this season.Dow earned a 39.050 in all four events, her best all-around score in 2010.Sophomores Casey Williamson and Nicole Krauter recorded career highs in the all-around and vault. Williamson earned a 39.075 in the all-around and Krauter a 9.8 on vault.Williamson earned a season-high 9.825 on the vault while junior Rebecca Best scored a 9.825, tying her all-time best on the event.Fagan said the win over PSU was big for the women’s team as they work through a season plagued by injuries.“We have a lot of kids that are beat up right now and we’re trying to get them through to Big Tens and Regionals, trying to rest when we can,” she said.The No. 7-ranked OSU men’s team lost on floor to PSU despite junior Brandon Wynn’s 14.4, a team best on floor.Seniors Justin Meyers and Tai Lee tied for second in high bar with a pair of 14.85s, while Wynn scored a 16.000 on rings, just 0.100 shy of his event-best.In their second co-ed meet of the season in Columbus on Mar. 13, the men’s team will take on Oklahoma while the women end regular season competition against Auburn.While both men’s and women’s coaches look forward to another big crowd to help fuel the energy in St. John Arena, Avery is glad to have another co-ed competition alongside the women.“You get an opportunity to support them,” Avery said. “And I think it’s really special when we do.” read more

Is the Queen trying to tell us something about Brexit with her

first_imgClearly the EU still inspires some in the UK 😊 #QueensSpeech pic.twitter.com/vqTWnxKk1V— Guy Verhofstadt (@GuyVerhofstadt) June 21, 2017 Theresa May had her first Queen’s Speech today, but she was somewhat upstaged by the monarch and her colourful – and curious – hat.Some claimed the speech was flimsy and light on policy, with many of the Conservative manifesto pledges scrapped after Mrs May lost her majority in the general election.And with Brexit looming big on the horizon – and featuring at the heart of the Prime Minister’s proposals for government – some thought the Queen herself was making a bold statement in Parliament by wearing a cheerful yellow and blue hat.Eagle-eyed social media users quickly spotted that her hat bore a striking resemblance to the EU flag: Also contained in the Queen’s Speech are Bills to extend the HS2 high-speed rail link to Crewe, permit the development of driverless cars and commercial satellites, cut whiplash insurance claims, protect victims of domestic abuse and ban letting fees for private rented homes. Who wore it best? #QueensSpeech #Brexit pic.twitter.com/kpAqSXC657— John Hall (@JohnMatthewHall) June 21, 2017 😉 pic.twitter.com/OPM0Uj2N2g— Tara Mulholland (@tara_mulholland) June 21, 2017 There will also be a public inquiry into Grenfell Tower.The Queen said: “My Government will initiate a full public inquiry into the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower to ascertain the causes, and ensure that the appropriate lessons are learnt.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Grouse prices to hit record high as dry weather causes game shortage

“We will have pheasants and partridge but people want the grouse because it’s the Rolls-Royce of the game birds, so it’s really disappointing.”Ben Lidgate,  the company secretary for family-run Lidgate’s butcher in West London, agreed.He said they are expecting at least a 25 per cent increase in price, explaining: “We can’t remember the last time there was a shortage like this.”The suppliers did say that they were expecting the grouse to completely run out by the beginning of September.”It’s so popular – it’s the most popular game bird. Despite the price increase I suspect people will still want it – enough people will still want it for us to sell.”They will be willing to pay the price as there is less grouse to go around.” The season has just begun “The people who want grouse will buy them – and we will run out.”It’s bad news for the business – we can usually sell grouse until December the 10th so it’s finishing really early.”It was a bad winter as well – a lot of the birds were killed off by the Beast from The East.”Now we’ve had the fires on the moors and they’ve wiped them out. Grouse is set to be 50 per cent more expensive, as butchers warn the prices are due to hit a record high because a cold snap followed by extremely dry weather has caused a shortage of the birds.Game lovers cite grouse as one of the most delicious types of meat, with butchers referring to it as the “Rolls-Royce” of game.While the season can run to as long as December, there are warnings that the small game bird will run out by the beginning of September.John Clayton, the manager of Jago’s butchers in Chelsea, said “They are going to be a lot more expensive than usual, and the season will be a lot shorter as well.”Last year the price of grouse was around £10-12, this year they will probably be about £16-18 – about 50 per cent more.”This is the biggest increase we have seen for a lot of years.”We are expecting the season to end in early September because a lot of moors have stopped shooting.” The grouse season is set to end eight to 10 weeks earlyCredit:REUTERS/Russell Cheyne He warned that grouse-lovers should not delay, as the season started yesterday and suppliers expect to run out in a matter of weeks.Mr Clayton explained: “If people want to buy grouse they should buy it while it’s still around. The season has just begunCredit: Getty Images Europe/Jeff J Mitchell The grouse season is set to end eight to 10 weeks early Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Beaches Turks Caicos named as host for World Travel Awards Caribbean North

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:beaches resort and spa, host, world travel awards Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppLondon, 19th February 2015 – The ‘Oscars of the travel industry’, World Travel Awards has announced Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa has been selected to host the World Travel Awards Caribbean & North America Gala Ceremony 2015.Hundreds of industry leaders are expected to gather at the world-class resort for the event, which will take place on October 17th, 2015.Beaches Turks & Caicos is the perfect host for the ceremony, offering four magnificent villages, boasting the architecture and ambiance of Italy, France, the Caribbean and Key West; a 12-mile beach lapped by clear turquoise waters; and some of the industry’s leading event facilities in the Caribbean.Announcing the decision, World Travel Awards President Graham Cooke said: “I am delighted World Travel Awards will be returning to Beaches Resorts, and in particular to Beaches Turks & Caicos. The team at the resort allowed us to host one of our most successful events ever when we last visited in 2012 and I look forward to being reunited with our friends there later in 2015.”Beaches Resorts is no stranger to World Travel Awards, having been recognised as the World’s Leading All Inclusive Family Resort Brand for the past 17 years, while parent Sandals Resorts International claimed the title of World’s Leading All Inclusive Company for an unprecedented 19th time in 2014.“It’s an honour to host the annual World Travel Awards once again,” said Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart, Chairman of Sandals Resorts International.He added: “We are thrilled to welcome our friends and industry leaders to the beautiful Beaches Turks & Caicos where they will enjoy the Luxury Included experience, as well as our newest addition, the Key West Luxury Village.”Nominations for the Caribbean & North America Gala Ceremony will close on February 28th, while voting will open on March 2nd.Hailed by the worldwide media for its role in identifying and rewarding excellence in the travel sector, World Travel Awards celebrates its’ 22nd anniversary in 2015 and is acknowledged as the ultimate travel accolade.World Travel Awards Gala Ceremonies are widely regarded as the best networking opportunities in the travel industry, attended by government and industry leaders, luminaries, and international print and broadcast media. Recommended for you PNP Party says it led wooden pier removal by Beaches Beaches puts former Premier on blast about controversial pier Sandals drops major bomb, makes Misick brothers look terribly suspectlast_img read more

Contemporary Native art

first_imgKeeping Alaska Native culture vibrant and thriving takes work. Young Native artists are meeting that challenge in exciting ways through music, visual art and online media. How do Native artists honor their heritage while stretching themselves creatively?Listen nowHOST: Lori TownsendGUESTS:Shyanne Beatty, Visionary Awards FounderSamuel John, artistSince January Samuel John has traveled to over a dozen communities around Alaska to speak to the youth about living a drug and alcohol free lifestyle. Photo courtesy Samuel John.Participate:Post your comment before, during or after the live broadcast (comments may be read on air).Send email to talk [at] alaskapublic [dot] org (comments may be read on air)Call 550-8422 in Anchorage or 1-800-478-8255 if you’re outside Anchorage during the live broadcast2015 Alaska Native Visionary Award Recipients:Holly Mititquq Nordlum is an Inupiaq artist, born in Kotzebue, Alaska. Throughout her childhood Holly developed an appreciation for her culture, arts, and life in the arctic. Her mother, Lucy, is also an artist and led her by example. Holly attended the University of Alaska, Anchorage and completed a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in Graphic Design and Photography. While in school she also explored jewelry making, printmaking and sculpture. Holly opened Naniq Design soon after graduation in 2004. She works full-time as a graphic and web designer and artist in Anchorage.Erin Tripp, Xáalnook Tlingit actor and drummer, was born and raised in Juneau, is a Tlingit of the Deisheetaan. She graduated from The University of Alaska Southeast in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree in Theatre and Tlingit language, having the distinction of being named the Outstanding Graduate of the Liberal Arts. She is a dancer with the Tlingit dance group, Woosh.ji.een. This experience led her to form her own dance group, Haa Shagoon Yatx’i. This group’s mission has been to write new songs and give voice to the younger generation of Tlingit dancers. Her main passion has been bringing Alaska Native voices to the stage as an actor. Most recently, she played the role of Titania in the Gwich’in language touring production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre. Soon she will start rehearsals on the world premiere of Our Voices Will Be Heard by Vera Starbard. The production will be the first play by an Alaska Native playwright produced on the mainstage at Perseverance Theatre. You can follow Erin on YouTube at ShkaaShkaaFilms for future videos and her website at www.erintripp.com. Nothing she does would be possible without her community, friends, and family. Gunalchéesh!Samuel Johns, better known to some as AK REBEL, is a community activist, motivational speaker and hip hop artist. Using hip hop as a tool to create awareness for some of the issues that Alaskans face, he got the opportunity to premier his music video about Domestic Violence at the AFN’s Quayana Night. Since January he has traveled to over a dozen communities around Alaska to speak to the youth about living a drug and alcohol free lifestyle. On June 10th, he created a Facebook Group called Forget Me Not to help reconnect the homeless community to their families that are living in rural Alaska. His goal is to inspire the youth everywhere to make a difference in there Community.”Byron Nicholai is 17-year-old Yup’ik drummer and dancer from Toksook Bay, Alaska. He started drumming in 6th grade and 4 years later became the leader of the Nelson Island High School drum group. “I Sing, You Dance” came about. It was a way to share his singing with Alaska Native kids while encouraging them to get involved in cultural traditions.Allison Warden is an Iñupiaq interdisciplinary artist born in Fairbanks, Alaska with close ties to Kaktovik, Alaska. She is also known by her rap persona, AKU-MATU. Her most recent show, “Let Glow” debuted at the Bunnell Street Art Center as part of an artistic residency in March 2014. “Let Glow” is an interactive interdisciplinary piece that explores a man’s process towards love and the push to drill for oil on the calving grounds of the Porcupine caribou herd. In 2015, she received a State of Alaska Governor’s Award in the Arts and Humanities. In 2013, she received a Connie Boochever fellowship in performance art from the Alaska State Council of the Arts and a Rasmuson Individual Artist Award for performance art in 2012. Her one-woman show, “Calling All Polar Bears” debuted at Pangea Theatre with Intermedia Arts in 2011 as part of a National Performance Network (NPN) residency. “Calling All Polar Bears” brings the audience virtually to the village of Kaktovik, where they hear about the impacts of climate change in the Arctic and the push for resource extraction from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It has since toured to Berlin, London and the communities of Anchorage and Homer in Alaska. In 2009, she created an interactive interdisciplinary piece at MTS Gallery in Anchorage, Alaska titled, “virtual subsistence”. It incorporated video projection, the smell of polar bear cooking and a herd of caribou being hunted in the gallery to look at land issues and subsistence rights in Alaska.LIVE Broadcast: Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. on APRN stations statewide.SUBSCRIBE: Get Talk of Alaska updates automatically by email, RSS or podcast.TALK OF ALASKA ARCHIVESamuel Johns (AK REBEL) is a community activist, motivational speaker and hip hop artist. Photo courtesy Samuel John.last_img read more

State govt forms committee to commemorate 100 years of Bangla Cinema

first_imgKolkata: The state government has formed a committee for commemorating 100 years of Bangla Cinema.Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is the patron of the 18-member committee, with Soumitra Chatterjee as the chief advisor and Goutam Ghose as the chairman.The members of the committee include Aroop Biswas, the state Youth Services and Sports minister, Indranil Sen, Minister-of-State for Information and Cultural Affairs department, Madhabi Mukhopadhyay, Ranjit Mallick, Prosenjit Chatterjee, Deb, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Srikant Mohta, Kaushik Ganguly, Rituparna Sengupta, Indrani Haldar, Swarup Biswas and Vivek Kumar, principal secretary of the Information and Cultural Affairs department. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsThe committee will chalk out a plan to organise various programmes to celebrate the 100 years of Bangla Cinema. The committee, comprising most of the senior actors from Tollywood, will prepare a “Calendar of Events” to gift a unique programme on the completion of a century of Bengali cinema.The first Bengali silent movie, Satyabadi Raja Harishchandra, was released in 1917. It was directed by Framji Dhobiwalla. Jamaibabu, another silent movie, directed by Kalipada Das, was released in 1931. But prior to it, Hiralal Sen had directed Alibaba, which was released in 1904. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedHowever, Sen didn’t get the due recognition. In the past 100 years, Bengali cinema has produced great actors like Pramathesh Barua, Durgadas Banerjee, Chobi Biswas and Kanan Devi among others. But the most popular matinee idol in the past 100 years has undoubtedly been Uttam Kumar. In the past century, Bengal has produced some of the finest film directors, including Nitin Bose, Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak and many more.It may be mentioned that the initiative of the Chief Minister has taken the Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF) to new heights in the past six years. She has made it possible for people from all walks of life to witness the grandeur of the film festival, with steps taken to ensure that it doesn’t remain bound only within Nandan. The Information and Cultural Affairs department will be providing all necessary support to the committee.last_img read more

Russian investigator denies threatening reporter

first_img“Novaya Gazeta acted mean and ugly by accusing the Investigative Committee,” Bastrykin was quoted as saying. “Of course, there was a lot of noise. But the whole story is not worth a lick.”The Novaya Gazeta’s relentless criticism of the Kremlin and investigations into official corruption has put many of its journalists under fire. Four of its reporters have been killed since 2000, including Anna Politkovskaya, a fierce critic of the Kremlin and its policies in Chechnya who was gunned down in 2006. Others have been harassed and attacked.Founded in 1993, the paper is published three times a week and has a circulation of about 200,000. Russian media tycoon Alexander Lebedev and former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev own a 49 percent stake, while the remaining shares are controlled by Novaya’s staffers.Since 2000, at least 16 journalists have been killed in Russia, according to the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists. The slain journalists were critical of the government, law enforcement agencies, businesses or criminal groups, and most of the killings remain unsolved.___AP writer Jim Heintz in Moscow contributed to this report.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Clean energy: Why it matters for Arizona Sponsored Stories Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Associated PressMOSCOW (AP) – Russia’s top investigator denied Thursday that he threatened to kill an investigative reporter over a story that lambasted his agency, but apologized for an “emotional outburst” with the journalist.Novaya Gazeta, Russia’s leading investigative publication, claimed Wednesday that Investigative Committee chief Gen. Col. Alexander Bastrykin took reporter Sergei Sokolov to a forest outside Moscow where he threatened to kill him and then joked that he would lead the investigation into his death. The alleged June 4 incident followed Sokolov’s story that accused Bastrykin’s agency of failing to punish the perpetrator of a 2010 killing of 12 people, including four children, by a gang in southern Russia.Bastrykin told the Izvestia daily Thursday he had invited the journalist to meet the team that investigated the 2010 killings _ and then had a “very emotional conversation” with him. But the conversation did not take place in a forest, he insisted.“My job keeps me too busy for picnicking,” Bastrykin was quoted as saying.Later Thursday, he met with Novaya Gazeta editor Dmitry Muratov along with other journalists and apologized for the outburst, Russian news agencies reported.Muratov accepted the apology and said “reconciliation has taken place,” according to state news agency RIA Novosti.Bastyrkin later telephoned Sokolov, who is out of the country, apologized and ensured his security if he returns, news reports said.In a series of earlier reports on the 2010 killing, Sokolov claimed that the gang whose members have been accused of murders, rapes, assaults and blackmail, used its ties to authorities, lawmakers and investigators to avoid persecution and influence investigation. New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Top Stories 4 sleep positions for men and what they mean New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t like Comments   Share   last_img read more

New hotel up Sydney Airports wings

first_imgAccommodating to growing incoming and outgoing traffic, Rydges and the Denwol Group have released plans to build a new four-star hotel at Sydney Airport International Terminal.Commencing “shortly”, the AU$68 million project is expected to be complete by late 2012 and will appeal to business travellers as well as holiday makers with up to 317 rooms, a bar and restaurant.Although extending an advanced apology to disruptions at Sydney Airport during the building process, Sydney Airport chief executive Kerrie Mather explained the new hotel would the international gateway as well as offer further choice.“Sydney Airport has a direct role in the promotion of tourism in Sydney, NSW and Australia and the development of a new four-star hotel will enhance Sydney as a premier destination for inbound tourism to Australia,” Ms Mather said.“For the airport to strengthen its business performance, it must continue to improve the services and products it provides to passengers.  “Sydney Airport is Australia’s major international gateway for inbound international tourism and we strive to promote a coordinated strategy in partnership with tourism bodies and the state and federal government to promote inbound tourism.” Tourism Australia managing director Andrew McEvoy concurred, adding that the bedding growth would help the state reach its overnight visitor expenditure targets.“Working with investors and developers to bring new hotels on stream is becoming an increasing focus for Tourism Australia now it seeks to match infrastructure development to the Australian tourism industry’s longer term growth aspirations,” Mr McEvoy said. “To achieve our goal of doubling overnight visitor expenditure to $140 billion by 2020, we have identified the need for an additional 40,000 to 70,000 hotel beds, predominantly within our capital cities. “This is exactly the sort of investment we’re going after and want to see more of.”Last year Sydney Airport’s International Terminal saw a 23 percent increase in passengers over figures in 2005 to 9.2 million. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: D.Mlast_img read more

Dream start for new Etihad 7879 Dreamliner

first_imgAt an event in Seattle, Washington over the weekend, Etihad Airways celebrated the roll out of the first ever 787-9 Dreamliner.The aircraft featured Etihad Airways’ new ‘Facets of Abu Dhabi’ livery which was unveiled in Hamburg, Germany last week.Etihad Airways president and chief executive officer, James Hogan said the airline was proud to be one of the world’s largest customers for the B787 Dreamliner.“We have firm orders for more than 100 Boeing wide-body aircraft which include 41 787-9s and 30 787-10s, our new fleet of B787s will set customer service expectations for the airline industry, delivering the highest levels of comfort and choice across all classes of service,” Mr Hogan said.Etihad Airways’ first Boeing 787-9 will be delivered in December, and more than 40 international routes have been identified for future operation by the airline’s Dreamliners.The aircraft will initially operate between Abu Dhabi and Düsseldorf and between Abu Dhabi and Doha, with services to Brisbane, Mumbai, Moscow and Washington D.C. to follow in the first half of 2015.“Etihad Airways is one of the most forward-thinking airlines of the world and we’re proud to have their trust and confidence in the Dreamliner,” Boeing Commercial Airplanes president and chief executive officer Ray Conner said.In accordance with the new airplane, Etihad has revamped its product offering on the B787 based on extensive consumer research, with refinements in all three cabins.Source = ETB News: Lewis Wisemanlast_img read more

Are Mortgage Underwriters Considered Exempt Employees

first_img in Commentary, Daily Dose, Headlines, Origination April 20, 2014 586 Views In order to qualify as an exempt employee under the Fair Labor Standards Act, an employer must show, among other factors, that the employee’s primary duty is “the performance of office or non-manual work directly related to the management or general business operations of the employer or the employer’s customer.” Many courts have used a short hand “administrative/production dichotomy” as a rule of thumb to determine whether work meets this requirement.According to some courts, administrative work consists of work that any employer needs performed, such as human resources, accounting and regulatory compliance, while production work consists of work that is particular to an employer’s industry, such as selling mortgages in the mortgage industry.In Davis v. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., the federal court of appeal in New York, reversing the decision of the district court, held that JPMorgan Chase’s mortgage underwriters were not exempt employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The court of appeal, based on the evidence before it, found that the mortgage underwriters’ primary duty was to sell loan products under the detailed directions of a credit guide provided to them by the bank.Based on this record, the court found that the work of the underwriters at JPMorgan was not related to the bank’s general business operations, but rather to the production of loans, which was the fundamental service provided by the bank.The court of appeal’s decision in J.P. Morgan resulted in a flurry of cases challenging the exempt status of mortgage underwriters across the country. These cases have settled for millions and sometimes tens of millions of dollars and many employers have changed their practices by converting mortgage underwriters from exempt employees to non-exempt employees and paying them for overtime work.Like many issues confronting businesses today, it made more sense to settle, pay, and change company practices, than to engage in expensive litigation with the risk of losing. As a result, there is a dearth of decisions addressing the issue of whether mortgage underwriters are properly exempt or non-exempt employees.Since the court of appeal’s decision in J.P. Morgan, many courts addressing the status of employees in a variety of industries have backed away from the administrative/production dichotomy, finding that it is not an effective tool to use in interpreting the Fair Labor Standards Act. Rather, courts are now more closely analyzing the detailed job duties of employees to determine their status. Most significantly, a number of cases have found that insurance claims adjusters are exempt employees, even though they clearly perform services related to the fundamental service provided by insurance companies.For example, one function of an insurance adjuster is to negotiate the payment of claims under insurance policies, which is at the core of their business. The decisions finding that insurance claims adjusters are exempt invariably rely on a Department of Labor interpretation that provides that claims adjusters are exempt if their duties include activities such as interviewing insureds, inspecting property damage, reviewing factual information to prepare damage estimates, and determining the total value of a claim. Significantly, these functions are all functions relating to work that is particular to the insurance industry.The Department of Labor also has promulgated regulations with respect to employees in the financial services industry. These regulations provide that such employees are exempt if their duties include work “such as collecting and analyzing information regarding the customer’s income, assets, investments or debts,” the very work performed by mortgage underwriters.Most importantly, however, and overlooked by the courts, is that mortgage underwriters perform work directly related to the general business operations of the employer by advising companies on the financial risks of providing loans. The impact on a company’s general business operations is readily apparent from the mortgage crisis in 2007 to 2010, which was caused in some part by the failure of mortgage underwriters to properly underwrite loans.It is time for courts to recognize that the factual scenario presented in J.P. Morgan, where underwriters were given a loan application and followed procedures specified in a credit guide in order to produce a yes or no decision, is not the norm in the industry.Rather, mortgage underwriters collect and analyze information regarding a customer’s income, assets, investments and debts to determine whether their companies ought to make loans. Whether mortgage underwriters perform their job well or not has deep consequences for the continued viability of a company. Sharecenter_img 2014-04-20 Tory Barringer Are Mortgage Underwriters Considered Exempt Employees?last_img read more

Paphos bar manager arrested for third time over ambiguous noiselevel rules

first_imgBy Bejay BrowneA popular wine bar in Paphos old town is appealing to the authorities to give them clear guidance on acceptable noise levels after the manager was arrested this week for the third time in a year.Tatiana Gaydanskaya, owner of Boulevard bistro and wine bar on Kennedy square told the Cyprus Mail on Friday that she was desperate to find a solution to an ongoing problem of alleged noise violations by the venue which has resulted in a slew of fines and the arrest of the manager, who is one of the liquor licensee’s.“Five police officers came to arrest Yiannis; we had been closed for some time and the music wasn’t even playing. There was no warning. We don’t want to close down, we have to provide music for our customers, I wish they would tell us what we can do to fix this for everyone,” she said.The current situation started around a year ago when police officers started to visit the premises. On one occasion around 15 police entered the venue at one time she said.“It was like some terrible crime has been committed here, they came all came in disconnected the speakers in front of the guests and arrested Yiannis.”The bar owner said no warning was given, due to a number of ongoing court cases concerning noise pollution at the venue. “The police immediately obtain an arrest warrant if a complaint is received about us, without checking it out,” she said.“They didn’t visit the premises to check noise levels when the complaint was made this week. They went straight to the judge believing the complaint from the resident and obtained an arrest warrant.”Videos captured on her mobile phone show music being played at a low level with people’s conversation heard above it.When the police arrived, DJ, George Kara, had already left for the night and no music had been played for 40 minutes. Police entered the premises and arrested the manager and took him away in handcuffs, for the third time.He said: “I was held until around noon the next day and I am fed up with this. We want to have a good relationship with everyone and we understand that people live here, but there have to be clear rules. The legal use of decibel meters would be good.”Until now, the venue has paid a number of fines, most around €300 a time, and has had four sets of equipment confiscated. They will not get this back for some time and there are other numerous fines for similar cases as fines have become a regular occurrence.There are other venues close by and the one next door is also experiencing problems, but not on the same level, Gaydanskaya said.One particular resident that is involved with the church lives about 300 metres away was the main complainant she said. She has tried to discuss the issues and even offered to pay for him and his family to move to another rented property in a quieter area, but to no avail.“The other neighbours don’t complain. We had a meeting with the Bishop who tried to help and moved this man to work in Tala and offered him a nice house there, but he is still living here.”Boulevard has been open for around five years and is hugely popular with both visitors and locals. The premises sits on the newly renovated square and they managed to survive whilst all of the upgrading of the area was underway, which adversely affected many businesses.“The authorities have paid a lot of money to beautify the area and they want to encourage people here. We have all of our licences and we need to play music.”The bar owners said that relying on a policeman’s opinion, or one person’s complaint was not acceptable.“We need guidelines as to the levels of noise that are permitted and also for the police to use decibel meters, we would have one as well.”Kara said that the music was always at a low level.“People like to talk, I don’t play the music loudly and we need to find a way to fix this.”Paphos police spokesman Nikos Tsappis agreed that the use of decibel meters would help the police greatly, as noise could be measured and used as factual evidence.However, he did warn that permitted levels may still be too much for some residents.“Maybe they will find the limits far too loud. There is a law about decibel meters but the government still has some points to discuss and we don’t know when they will be in use,” he said.Tsappis confirmed that officers often rely on complaints made by residents, in accordance with the law, and said he would like to believe that their complaints are valid and truthful.“I don’t want to believe that someone making a complaint would go to court and lie when giving evidence,” he said.The only advice he could give to premises playing music is to keep levels very low.In the meantime, Boulevard is hoping for a peaceful weekend without any incidents. You May LikeWorldemandFound After 73 Years Hidden Underground, But When They Look Inside…WorldemandUndoInfinityKloudBacking Up Is Easy With This Smart USB Stick.InfinityKloudUndolivestly.comBig Discounts Seniors Are Entitled To Only If They Knowlivestly.comUndo Mayors lobbying president to prevent local govt mergersUndoAt least 20 killed, 50 injured in attack on VP candidate’s office in KabulUndoHigh temperatures increase risk of firesUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more