Fracking stands between NWT and shale oil boom

first_imgAPTN National NewsThe Northwest Territories might be the next big thing for big oil.A number of companies have already invested more than $500 million for the right to explore shale oil.That could lead to a massive economic boom for many small communities across the Sahtu Region.But as APTN National News reporter Cullen Crozier finds out in his two part series, there’s a catch. These companies want to use fracking to get at the oil.last_img

Shell Groundbirch increasing funding for NEBC Grant Program

first_imgGroups chosen to receive a grant will be determined by an anonymous review panel. The panel will include Shell representatives as well as community representatives that are familiar with the local community’s needs.Shell introduced the community grants program last year and awarded $40,000 in funding to help 13 local non-profit organizations.“Upon launching the program, we were overwhelmed with the positive response and the number of applications we received,” said Prochera. “Our goal this year is to increase the positive impact of the program and we hope even more organizations are able to benefit.” The company is accepting applications for the grants until May 18th. Successful applicants will be notified within 90 days of the deadline. To learn more about Shell’s NEBC Community Grants Program or if you would like to apply for a 2018 grant, visit:, or contact Jennifer Prochera, Shell Groundbirch External Relations Advisor at or (778) 256-2367. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Shell Groundbirch says it will be increasing their funding for non-profits in Northeast B.C. this year.In honour of Shell Groundbirch celebrating its 10-year anniversary, the company says that funding for the NEBC Community Grants Program will total $50,000. “The community has played a major role in our success over the past decade”, said Jennifer Prochera, External Relations Advisor. “This is one way for us to show our appreciation by giving back in thanks as a neighbour and partner so we can continue building a vibrant community over the next ten years and more.”Organizations in all of Northeast B.C., including Indigenous communities, are all eligible and welcome to apply. Each non-profit organization can apply for up to $5,000 towards a one-time project that is sustainable after the conclusion of the grant.last_img read more

Interpol lends aid in arresting remaining fugitives of UN tribunal for Rwandan

16 July 2007The United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) will receive assistance from Interpol to apprehend the 18 individuals still wanted. The call to support the ICTR came as Interpol wrapped up its 19th African Regional Conference last Friday in Arusha, Tanzania.“It is our duty as police officers to do everything within our power to identify and apprehend those fugitives who are wanted in connection with such serious crimes,” said Interpol President Jackie Selebi. “I urge all of our member countries, not only those in the African region, to work together to bring these people to justice.”This comes on the heels of Rwandan genocide fugitive Isaac Kamali’s arrest – with Interpol’s support – in France.The ICTR is scheduled to close next December. read more

Annan to dispatch team to Lebanon for information on expremier Hariris murder

The team will be led by Peter Fitzgerald, a Deputy Police Commissioner of the Irish national police force, known as the Garda Síochána. It will consist of staff with relevant expertise.The team will make contact with Lebanese officials and others to gather such information as necessary for the Secretary-General to report to the Council in a timely manner, the spokesman said in a statement.Mr. Hariri and a number of others were killed Monday in Beirut by a bomb explosion.

Minor neighbour dispute sees sex offender caught for his crimes 15 years

first_imgDespite detectives finding DNA matches, Christopher Allan denied the offencesCredit:Getty Despite overwhelming evidence… he chose to plead not guilty and put both victims through the ordeal of a trialDet Con Nichola Buckley DNA Detective Constable Nichola Buckley, who led the investigation for the Metropolitan Police, said: “Despite overwhelming evidence against Christopher Allan, he chose to plead not guilty and put both victims through the ordeal of a trial.”Although this outcome was some 15 years since the offences, it goes to show that time is no hindrance and the Met will strive to see justice is served.”Both victims in this case have shown a huge amount of strength throughout this investigation. Not only did they have to endure these horrendous attacks in 2001, but they had their lives turned upside down again all these years later upon the arrest and subsequent conviction of Allan.”I would like to commend them for their bravery and hope that they can feel some closure now justice has been served.”Allan, from Charlton, was found guilty of the attempted rape and indecent assault of the two women.He was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment with an extended licence of six years for each attempted rape and ten years’ imprisonment with an extended licence of five years for each indecent assault. All sentences will run concurrently.DC Buckley added: “It cannot be ruled out that Allan has been responsible for other attacks. If anyone thinks they have been the victim of Christopher Allan, please contact police via 101.” Woolwich Crown Court heard the first victim was walking along the street when she realised she was being followed by Allan.She crossed the road several times, but Allan followed her before he grabbed her from behind and pulled her into bushes.He tried to rape her and threatened to kill her if she said anything. Two months later, he followed a woman home in Greenwich in the early hours.She stepped to the side of the path to let him pass but, as he did so, Allan grabbed her and pulled her into a front garden. He sexually assaulted her, but was disturbed by a witness and fled the scene.Despite officers recovering forensic evidence from both scenes, no suspect could be located at the time.In 2014, Allan was arrested following a dispute with a neighbour and his DNA matched samples found at both scenes.He was charged with both offences but, despite the forensic evidence, pleaded not guilty to the offences. A would-be rapist who attacked two women on the streets 15 years ago has been jailed for 12 years after being caught following a dispute with his neighbour.Christopher Allan, 40, attacked his first victim, a girl aged 16, as she walked home in Blackheath, south east London, in April 2001.A second woman aged 26 was assaulted as she made her way home two months later. But Allan evaded justice until he was arrested after a row with his neighbour.His DNA was tested and matched samples found at both crime scenes. After he was convicted of the attempted rape and indecent assault of the two women, a detective warned that Allan could be responsible for other attacks. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Disney closes down LucasArts marking today as a sad day for video

first_imgDuring fall of last year, Disney made a huge splash in the entertainment world and acquired LucasFilm. After the new ownership subsequently announced that it would complete the last Star Wars trilogy, people wondered what would happen to the merry band of game developers known as LucasArts. Disney isn’t averse to weird crossovers, as it showed with the Kingdom Hearts franchise, and they do also own Marvel. We’re sad to report, though, that instead of Wolverine’s claws being replaced by lightsabers in canon, Disney is simply closing down LucasArts instead.In a statement today, Disney said that it had evaluated the games market, and decided it would be better to “shift LucasArts from an internal development to a licensing model.” What this seems to mean is that LucasArts will no longer develop games, and instead simply be a license monkey, handing out Star Wars (and whatever else it owns) to other developers.Though the LucasArts name was involved in some of your favorite modern-day titles, such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the team didn’t actually develop those games, and simply licensed them to prominent developers. LucasArts was, however, responsible for semi-popular games such as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and the Battlefront series, but they weren’t popular enough to warrant keeping the operation going in Disney’s eyes.Though we feel for the developers that have been laid off, you as a gamer most likely won’t be affected too much by the closure. In the gaming world, LucasArts is best known for pioneering the adventure game genre, with luminaries like Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert leading the way. The Secret of Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, and Day of the Tentacle are what many gamers look back fondly on when remembering LucasArts, but those games are long gone, along with the overall popularity of the point-and-click adventure genre.Unfortunately for those looking forward to Star Wars 1313, the gritty third-person action game where players assumed the role of a bounty hunter, the game has been canceled. However, it’s entirely possible another studio will pick up the license and give the game a second chance.Though LucasArts hasn’t had even a fraction of the impact it once had, it’s still a sad day when such an important factor in the rise of the video game industry ceases to be. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Secret of Monkey IslandSecret of Monkey IslandManiac MansionLast CrusadeGrim FandangoLoomThe DigDay of the TentacleFate of AtlantisDay of the Tentaclelast_img read more

Les enfants développent le sens de lhumour grace à leurs parents

first_imgLes enfants développent le sens de l’humour grace à leurs parentsUne nouvelle étude démontre que les enfants peuvent développer un sens de l’humour dès l’âge de 18 mois, à condition toutefois que leurs parents en fassent preuve également.Ce n’est plus un secret : les bébés se développent en imitant les personnes avec qui ils sont en contact régulier. C’est de cette façon qu’ils apprennent à parler, à marcher ou à utiliser certains objets. Mais c’est aussi de cette manière qu’ils développent leur sens de l’humour. C’est du moins ce qu’affirme une nouvelle étude publiée dans la revue Cognitive Development. Celle-ci pose toutefois une condition pour qu’un tel développement ait lieu : il faut que les parents fassent eux-mêmes preuve d’humour.Cette découverte a été réalisée par des scientifiques de la Cardiff University’s School of Psychology dans le cadre d’un projet de recherche qui dure depuis 10 ans déjà. Ce dernier vise à étudier le développement des bébés et en particulier leur réponse au langage oral. Dans ce but, l’équipe a observé pendant plusieurs années des bébés et des enfants en compagnie de leurs parents. Ils ont ainsi notamment demandé à ces derniers de lire des livres à caractère humoristique pour leur enfant, pendant que leur voix était enregistrée. Dès 18 mois, les bébés reconnaissent les plaisanteries Ceci a permis de constater que de nombreux parents parlaient différemment lorsqu’ils faisaient des plaisanteries mais que, dans ces cas là, leur voix empruntait toujours les mêmes caractéristiques (ton, intonation, etc). En observant les enfants, les chercheurs ont alors constaté que dès l’âge de 18 mois, ces derniers étaient capables de percevoir la différence et donc de savoir qu’il s’agissait d’une plaisanterie. En revanche, les bébés dont les parents ne parlaient pas différemment avaient du mal à faire la distinction entre une plaisanterie et une erreur.  “Par exemple, si un chercheur tenait un jouet en forme d’animal sur sa tête et gloussait, la plupart des bébés de 19 à 24 mois réalisaient qu’il s’agissait d’une plaisanterie et la copiaient. En revanche, si un chercheur essayait d’écrire avec le mauvais côté d’un stylo et se montrait déçu, la plupart des enfants réalisaient que c’était une erreur et la corrigeaient”, avant de l’imiter, a expliqué le Dr Merideth Gattis qui a participé aux travaux. “Notre recherche montre que l’âge critique pour la compréhension de l’humour se trouve autour du deuxième anniversaire. A environ deux ans, l’enfant commence à comprendre quand vous comptez faire quelque chose de totalement faux mais de drôle. Ces résultats nous aident à construire une image précise de comment les enfants développent une compréhension de l’esprit des personnes”, a ajouté la spécialiste citée par WalesOnline. L’effet “Roi Louis” À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?Mais les parents ne sont pas les seuls à jouer un rôle dans la mesure où les bébés ont également tendance à copier les autres personnes avec qui ils sont en contact. Au cours d’une expérience, les chercheurs ont ainsi observé comment les jeunes enfants apprenaient à faire des mimiques en regardant d’autres en faire. C’est ce qu’ils ont appelé l’effet “Roi Louis”, en référence au singe du Livre de la Jungle qui chante “Être un homme comme vous”.  “Les enfants apprennent beaucoup de choses, y compris à être drôle, en imitant les adultes. Et les enfants les plus extravertis imitent avec plus d’attention parce qu’ils veulent être comme les autres”, a commenté le Dr Gettis. Ce n’est ensuite qu’à l’âge de six ou sept ans qu’ils commencent à comprendre assez bien le langage pour réaliser qu’un mot ou une phrase peut avoir plusieurs sens. Les jeux de mots, énigmes et plaisanteries prennent alors tout leur sens pour eux.Et la chose est d’importance d’après les auteurs de l’étude qui considèrent que le sens de l’humour est une qualité indispensable et bénéfique. Selon eux, il stimulerait le système immunitaire, contribuerait à être plus optimiste au quotidien et augmenterait l’estime de soi.Le 29 juin 2013 à 12:37 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Camas man 44 found dead on Mount Hood foul play not suspected

first_imgThe Camas Police Department says foul play is not suspected following the discovery of a missing local man’s body in the area of Timothy Lake in Oregon.Ryan M. Webb, 44, of Camas had not been seen by family or friends since May 7, according to a police department news release. He was last heard from when he posted a photo of his gold-colored 2008 Dodge Nitro on Facebook, noting he was going on a road trip.Law enforcement asked the public to keep an eye out for the vehicle late last week.On Saturday, Clackamas County, Ore., sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the lake, located in the Mount Hood National Forest, and found Webb’s vehicle with his body inside. Authorities had reported that Webb possibly went camping in the forest.His body was taken to the Clackamas County Medical Examiner’s Office, where it was officially identified, the police department said Monday.An investigation into Webb’s death is ongoing, according to the police department.last_img read more

Wilshere posts cryptic hint over future

first_imgJack Wilshere has posted a cryptic hint on his future on social media after holding talks with Unai Emery over his Arsenal futureThe 26-year-old’s future at the Emirates has been an ongoing saga for the past year with Wilshere’s current deal at Arsenal set to expire at the end of the month.Should the English midfielder allow his contract to expire, then he will be free to join any club he likes.Arsenal are keen to retain Wilshere at the club for next season, but he is understood to be concerned over his role at the club with new head coach Emery believed to be keen on building the midfield around Aaron Ramsey.Now Wilshere has held talks with the Spaniard over the past week at the club’s training ground, but no deal appears to have been agreed on.And now his latest post on social media appears to indicate that Wilshere is now prepared to leave his boyhood club.Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.“There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page or closing the book.”Jack Wilshere on Instagram – Very cryptic.— Charles Watts (@charles_watts) June 14, 2018West Ham, Wolves and Everton have all expressed an interest in signing Wilshere with Serie A giants Juventus and AC Milan also having been linked.last_img read more

Power outages frustrate FortisTCI quiet

first_img Related Items:#FortisTCIpoweroutages, #magneticmedianews, #poweroutagesinTCI Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks and Caicos, August 4, 2017 – Providenciales – There was no word up to news time on what caused a string of power outages around the island of Providenciales and in North Caicos today.   While some lost power for only minutes, others were without electricity for hours.    We reached out to FortisTCI for an explanation for the failures experienced both Thursday and Friday, but had no word back up to news production time.#MagneticMediaNews#poweroutagesinTCI#FortisTCIpoweroutages Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img

Amid More Layoffs D Magazine Reconsiders Circulation Operation

first_img“The reason for our layoffs was to keep our expenses in line with our revenues,” editor Tim Rogers told FOLIO:. “We’ve made some recent hires in other areas of our company [a brand marketing manager, art editor, a research editor], but these cuts were necessary to keep us healthy.”Rogers said it remains to be determined whether all circulation responsibilities will now fall onto the circulation manager or if the company will outsource some of those duties. He said he expects that decision to be made sometime next week.Rogers said D’s newsstand circulation rose 5 percent during the second half last year, with an estimated average of about 15,500 copies sold at a 59.9 percent sell through. Rogers said avereage monthly circ. was 67,630 during that period, an increase of  4.9 percent.Last March, the company that publishes D—which is owned by D founder Wick Allison—eliminated 12 staffers. The cuts came a little more than three months after the publisher laid off 29 staffers, which at the time represented about 19 percent of its workforce. Layoffs again have hit the company that publishes Dallas, Texas-based D magazine. The regional this week laid off seven staffers, or about 6 percent of its overall workforce. Among the eliminated positions were its custom marketing director, style director and senior multi-media producer.In addition to D, the company publishes spinoffs D Home, D CEO, D Weddings and other specialty and custom magazines.Hardest hit among the publisher’s operations was its three-person circulation department. Gone with the layoffs are its circulation director and newsstand manager. A circulation manager remains.last_img read more

Yoga Journal Leverages Key Print Advertiser into Live Events

first_imgActive Interest Media, Inc. [AIM] is leveraging its live events portfolio to convert print advertisers into multi-event sponsors. Yoga Journal, which has a total paid and verified circulation of over 367,000, produces four conferences a year around the United States aimed at its core reader base.Subaru—a longtime print advertiser—has signed on as one of the key sponsors of the conferences beginning this week at the San Diego Yoga Journal Conference.“This is our first automotive sponsor,” says Bill Harper, vice president and group publisher of Yoga Journal. “We’ve been talking to them for a good two years or so about sponsoring our events. Having dealt with them in print for the past four or five years, we thought this would be a great opportunity to make Subaru come alive. We thought our events would be the best opportunity to bring the car to a level where people can actually see it, feel it and drive it, creating a more personal connection.” The event website, printed material on site and banners at the conference will feature Subaru branding. Under the group’s gold sponsorship package, the sponsor gets a comprehensive campaign displayed pre-and-post show.“They’ll get approximately 15 million impressions throughout all of our promotional materials for each of the conferences,” says Harper. “When we promote the conference to potential attendees, they’ll have a sponsorship with all of those materials—printed, bound in the magazine, email blasts—it adds up to quite a lot of media impressions.”Depending on the conference, anywhere between 1,600 and 2,000 attendees come out for the Yoga Journal events. Normally the publication secures six to seven gold sponsors per event, meaning Subaru has heightened exposure when compared to other tiers due to the smaller pool. Right now, the publication is looking to build an event-based relationship with Subaru and plans to negotiate for future sponsorships. When it comes to leveraging a print advertiser into an event sponsor, Harper suggests making the process simple—and worthwhile.“We try to make it easy,” says Harper. “The mindset of the advertiser has to encompass the idea of the sponsorship. Subaru has been sponsoring a number of other events for several years so they’re predisposed to creating a sponsorship from print to events. We speak with everyone who’s in the magazine and offer to make their product come alive with our readership through events. Some are prepared to do that and some aren’t. It’s quite turnkey and pretty easy to be involved in the events so we make it as easy as possible—we understand how important it is for people to see the products, sample them and feel them.”last_img read more

Study Advertisers Want Both Branding and Conversions

first_imgAnd though the number of options for programmatic buying is rapidly increasing, dealing directly with publishers is still the preferred method, according to respondents. Just 23 and 21 percent preferred to deal with trading desks and DSPs, respectively.The study was conducted by ad insight firm, Advertiser Perceptions, in Q1 of 2014.More on this topic What Advertisers Really Think of Programmatic Advertisers Are Embracing Programmatic Like Never Before Grant Whitmore OPA Study: Marketers Prefer Publishers to Facebook Spending on Custom Content at $44 Billion Why All-Programmatic Doesn’t Work for EveryoneJust In The Atlantic Names New Global Marketing Head | People on the Move Bonnier Corp. Terminates Editor-in-Chief for Ethics Breach PE Firm Acquires Majority Stake in Industry Dive Four More Execs Depart SourceMedia in Latest Restructuring Meredith Corp. Makes Digital-Side Promotions | People on the Move This Just In: Magazines Are Not TV NetworksPowered by Advertisers want it all when it comes to native and programmatic campaigns, according to a recent study.Respondents to the survey of large U.S. marketer and agency decision makers say branding is the primary objective of native or sponsored-content efforts (71 percent), but sales and conversions aren’t far behind (65 percent). Similarly, respondents say sales and conversions are the top priority for programmatic campaigns (75 percent), though brand lift is also listed as a critical factor (51 percent).”The take-away for digital content providers is that to stay ahead of the curve, you must find ways to customize and innovate on both of these offerings to achieve, and exceed, the branding and performance metrics put forth by advertisers,” says Mike Kisseberth, CRO of Purch, which commissioned the report.The study also highlighted preferences and obstacles for each type of campaign moving forward. Not surprisingly, media buyers want their content to look and feel as close to editorial content as possible. Only a quarter of the media buyers surveyed would consider native executions that link to off-site landing pages.last_img read more

Executive Director of Ft Detrick Alliance to Step Down

first_imgGloria Parsley, who has led the local support group for Fort Detrick, Md., for more than two years, will step down at the end of the year, the Fort Detrick Alliance announced last month.In an interview last year, Thomas Gladstone, the alliance’s president, praised Parsley for her work.“We would not have the robust and ambitious schedule of events and activities without Gloria,” said Gladstone.The alliance has decided to split Parsley’s position into two part-time slots — an executive director and an office manager, reported the Frederick News-Post.The alliance, which has more than 100 members, works with elected officials and businesses to promote the post and its Forest Glen operations in Montgomery County. There are 41 entities at Fort Detrick, including the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute and representatives of all the armed forces. Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

Ethics Panel Rep Young Misused Campaign Funds Took Improper Gifts

first_imgThe House Ethics Committee today issued a letter of reprimand to Alaska Congressman Don Young for spending campaign money on trips to hunting lodges and improperly accepting gifts, many of them from lobbyists and related to travel.Listen now:The letter, and the report that backs it up, focus on $56,000 worth of rides in private planes, stays at hunting lodges, golf, meals, and in one specific instance, a pair of $400 boots.  The committee says Young has to repay $28,000 to the gift-givers, and use personal funds to repay $31,000 in misused campaign funds.Young’s spokesman said the congressman would not talk about the report today. In a written statement, Young said he regretted what he called oversights and apologized.He’s already repaid the money.“Some of them are tough calls,”says Young’s lawyer, John Dowd. He says the people who hosted the trips played several roles in Young’s life, so the purpose wasn’t always clear-cut. “There are people who are campaign supporters, there are people who have an interest in transportation, there are friends of his, so that all gets mixed together sometimes on these trips. Sometimes it didn’t get sorted out. Sometimes it did.”Dowd says after the Justice Department investigation, Young laid out all the information about his travel for the Ethics Committee. The committee found Young improperly accepted gifts and 15 trips dating as far back as 2001 and as recently as last year. Most of the travel occurred from 2004 to 2006, when Young chaired the powerful House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. At the time, he was raking in campaign contributions from the construction and transportation industries around the countryThe gift-givers listed in the report include former Young staffers who became lobbyists, like C.J. Zane and Duncan Smith, Texas Lobbyist Randy Delay, and Tom Johnson, an executive at the Texas branch of Associated General Contractors. Many of the trips were to Texas lodges. The most expensive on the list, more than $11,000, was to the Mariposa Ranch in south Texas, paid for mostly by Houston-based construction conglomerate KBR.Lobbyist Duncan Smith bought the $400 Le Chameau boots. The company specializes in knee-high rubber boots lined in leather.The ethics case against Young originated with a wide-ranging Department of Justice investigation started at least eight years ago. In 2010, the Justice Department said it wouldn’t pursue charges against Young and instead sent a letter about him to the Ethics Committee. The panel says, with such old evidence, it couldn’t find that Young’s acceptance of the trips and gifts was purposeful or corrupt. The committee, though, noted Young listed none of it on his required personal financial disclosure documents. The Committee did not recommend the harsher penalty of censure by the full House of Representatives.Melanie Sloan of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, says the punishment amounts to a letter saying, in effect, ‘bad Congressman.”University of Alaska political science professor Forrest Nabors says he doubts the reprimand will affect Young’s re-election in November. Violations like these aren’t important to people outside Washington, Nabors says, and anyway, Alaskans have been hearing about Young being investigated for years.“It doesn’t seem to deter them from re-electing him,” Nabors says “He has very strong relationships in the state.”Forrest Dunbar, the latest Democrat running against Young, has raised less than a tenth of the campaign war chest Young has. In a written statement today, Dunbar called Young a repeat ethics offender.Read House Ethics Committee statement.Rep. Young’s statement:I accept the House Committee on Ethics’ report and regret the oversights it has identified.  There were a number of instances where I failed to exercise due care in complying with the House’s Code of Conduct and for that I apologize.  As the Committee indicates in its report, I never made any knowingly false statements to government officials nor did I act corruptly or in bad faith.I have made each of the payments recommended by the Committee and have taken significant steps since 2007 to strengthen my office’s polices for compliance with the Code of Conduct to ensure that these types of oversights do not happen again.  It is through these actions that I show my colleagues and Alaskans that I fully respect the House Rules and will continue to comply with them now and in the future.I am pleased that today’s decision represents the conclusion of an extended inquiry by both the Department of Justice and the House Committee on Ethics and I will continue to faithfully serve the people of Alaska.last_img read more

Enterprise Policy Generator addon for Firefox

first_imgEnterprise Policy Generator add-on for Firefox by Martin Brinkmann on May 21, 2018 in Firefox – Last Update: June 26, 2018 – 23 commentsEnterprise Policy Generator is a new add-on for the Firefox web browser by Sören Hentzschel to create cross-platform policy files for Firefox. Designed for use in Enterprise and business environments, policy generator can be installed and used by any Firefox user or system administrator.Mozilla launched the Enterprise Policy Engine in Firefox 60 and Firefox 60 ESR. While that included Firefox Group Policy Support for supported versions of Windows, it also meant that administrators and users could create configuration files for deployment.The core advantage of the Enterprise Policy Engine is that it is cross-platform whereas the Group Policy option is only available for Windows devices.Update: Sören released version 2.0 of the extension recently. It adds options to save, load, and delete configurations.Enterprise Policy GeneratorEnterprise Policy Generator is not the official successor of CCK2 Wizard, a Firefox add-on that organizations used in the past for deployment of Firefox. CCK2 Wizard is not compatible with Firefox 57 or newer. While not the official successor, it is fair to say that it shares the core feature set with the popular but now incompatible extension.Enterprise Policy Generator supports all policies that Mozilla added to Firefox 60. Sören plans to update the extension when new policies get released and add version information to each policy as well so that it is clear which Firefox version individual policies require.Usage is simple: You may use the shortcut Shift-F10 to open the policy generation page or click on the extension’s icon in the Firefox toolbar to do so.The extension lists all policies sorted into groups for easier recognition and reveals whether a policy is available for regular versions of Firefox and Firefox ESR, or only extended support releases of the web browser.Just check the box in front of a policy to include it in the configuration file or leave a box unchecked to keep the default Firefox status of the feature or setting.Some policies require additional data while others are simple enable/disable preferences. If you select “install, uninstall or lock extensions”, for example, you are asked to specify add-in installation paths, extensions IDs for the removal or locking of add-ons.Some fields require text input while others come as menus that you select options from.If there is one thing to criticize here, it is that there is no indication whether a policy requires additional input or not before you select it. Granted, it is not a big deal and it is clear for the majority whether additional input is required or not.Here is what you can use the extension for right now:Block access to the add-ons manager (about:addons)Block access to the browser configuration (about:config)Block access to the in-content profile manager (about:profiles)Block access to the troubleshooting information page (about:support)Disable the private browsing modeDisable the form and search bar historyDisable the built-in PDF viewer (pdf.js)Disable the built-in screenshot tool (Firefox Screenshots)Disable the built-in developer toolsDisable the integration of Pocket, a service by MozillaDisable Firefox Account based services like Firefox SyncDisable the master password featureDisable the feature to set an image as desktop backgroundDisable the “Forget” toolbar button which can be used to forget the last browsing historyDisable the “Import data from another browser” menu item in the libraryDisable the “Refresh Firefox” button in about:supportDisable the ability to restart Firefox with add-ons disabled (safe mode)Disable the menu items “Submit Feedback” and “Report Deceptive Site” in the help menuShow the menu bar by defaultShow the bookmarks toolbar by defaultSet the homepage (works only in Firefox ESR)Whether the search bar is unified or separate (works only in Firefox ESR)Modifies the list of search engines built into Firefox (works only in Firefox ESR)Don’t create the default bookmarks bundled with Firefox, including the smart bookmarks (most visited, recent tags). Note: this policy is only effective if used before the first run of the profileCreate default bookmarksAllow websites to install add-onsInstall, uninstall or lock extensionsBlocks websites from being visited. You can use “” for blocking all URLs. See info link for all valid entries, but only HTTPS and HTTP are supported. (works only in Firefox ESR)Configure proxy access to the internetSites that support integrated authentication (works only in Firefox ESR)Allow or deny websites to set cookiesClear all browser data on shutdownEnable or disable tracking protectionAllow or deny Flash plugin usagePrevent certain security warnings from being bypassedRead certificates from the Windows certificate store (Windows only)Prevent Firefox from updating (works only in Firefox ESR)Prevent Firefox from installing and updating system add-ons (works only in Firefox ESR) Prevent Firefox from sending technical and interaction data to Mozilla (telemetry) (works only in Firefox ESR)Prevent Firefox from installing and running studies (SHIELD studies)Allow or deny pop-up usageAllow or forbid Firefox to offer to remember saved logins and passwordsDon’t check if Firefox is the default browser at startupOverride the first run page. Set this policy to blank if you want to disable the first run page. (works only in Firefox ESR)Override the post-update “What’s New” page. Set this policy to blank if you want to disable the post-update page. (works only in Firefox ESR)The descriptions are sufficient to understand what individual policies do. Some policies include “more information” links which lead to Mozilla’s Developer Network site.Instructions for deploymentClick on the generate policies button once you have selected the policies from the available list. The extension displays the JSON structure of the policy file; you may copy the data and create the policies.json file by yourself or click on “download policies.json to download the file instead to the local system.It is necessary to create a folder called distribution in the Firefox program folder (not profile folder) on the system and place the policies.json file instead.The selected policies are applied automatically on start of the Firefox browser. Since the policies file is placed in the program folder, it applies automatically to all Firefox profiles.Closing WordsAdministrators can create policy files manually but Enterprise Policy Generator makes the whole process more comfortable and easier.One downside of the current version is that policy configurations are not saved which means that you can’t update existing configurations but need to start anew each time you need to update the policies file.Sören plans to add save and load options to the extension at a later point in time which takes care of that then.You may add individual policies manually to existing files in the meantime.Enterprise Policy Generator is a useful extension for Firefox. While it may appeal to administrators the most, Firefox home users may use it as well to configure the browser regardless of whether they do so on a single system or home network.Summary12345 Author Rating4.5 based on 6 votes Software Name Enterprise Policy GeneratorSoftware Category BrowserLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more

Help trans sex workers onto the right path – Malaysian minister

first_imgTransgender people should be guided away from sex work and onto the ‘right path’, a Malaysian government minister has said. eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Mujahid Yusof Rawa speaking at Malaysia’s parliament | Photo: YouTube Homosexuality is often a socially and politically divisive issue in Malaysia. A 2013 Pew Research survey found that 86% of Malaysians believed that homosexuality should not be socially accepted, with only 9% believing it should.The country has bans on ‘positive’ portrayals of LGBTI people on television and in film, and recently blocked access to HIV and LGBTI websites.New governmentIn May Malaysia elected a new government in a shock victory led by former prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad. Despite being seen by many as a reformer, Mahathir has been clear where he stands on homosexuality: “I’m a Muslim, we don’t accept that,” he told the Guardian before the elections in May. “You can be a liberal and accept same-sex marriage and all that, but that’s your business. We are very orthodox people.”Earlier this month, an LGBTI activist resigned as the press officer for a government minister after an influx of threats and public outcry over him being openly gay.Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . GAYSTARNEWS-center_img Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Mujahid Yusof Rawa, Malaysia’s Minister for Religious Affairs, said more proactive measures were needed and that the strict enforcement of transgender sex workers had failed, Free Malaysia Today reported.The minister cited a recent study which reported that 80% of Malaysia’s transgender community were involved in sex work.“To solve this problem, we have to get them out of the industry first and this will not happen until we are more open to help and guide them […] that’s more important than the dressing issue and others,” Mujahid said. “Parents need to be aware that this can be stopped from the beginning. We are ready to guide and help because we have the expertise.”Problems persist for Malaysia’s LGBTI communityThe new Malaysian government has demonstrated a willingness to review old laws and practices, but there has been little movement in terms of LGBT equality so far.Despite indicating the importance of engagement and understanding, earlier this month the minister doubled-down on the government’s commitment to enforcing laws which make homosexuality illegal in Malaysia.“I would like to make it clear that based on the laws, it means, and I hope everyone listens carefully and would not spin my statement, that the right of the LGBT community to practise their lifestyle is still subjected to laws which prohibit it […] Do not stand on the Friday pulpit and accuse the PH government of being friendly to LGBT,” Free Malaysia Today reported Mujahid saying. Malaysia’s govt faces backlash over removal of LGBTI activists’ portraitsWar of words over LGBTI rights in Malaysia continuesGenitalia determine which toilets to use, says Malaysian muftiRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : read more

Road to shut over weekend while repairs take place after water mains

first_imgGet the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA road in a South Cheshire town is set to shut over the weekend while repairs take place following a water main bursting. Coppenhall Lane, Crewe, will be shut from Saturday morning until early on Monday while United Utilities carry out repairs in the area. A Cheshire East Council Highways spokesman said: “United Utilities will be closing Coppenhall Lane, Crewe from tomorrow morning until Monday morning to repair consequential damage after the water mains burst. “We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.” Traffic data company INRIX reports the A532 Coppenhall Lane will be closed in both directions from 8am on Saturday until around 6am on Monday.last_img read more

MICEOutrigger Hotels ResortsTourism Portfolio

first_imgMICEOutrigger Hotels & ResortsTourism Portfolio Sydney-based Tourism Portfolio has been appointed by Outrigger Hotels and Resorts to develop outbound MICE opportunities for Outrigger’s global portfolio, effective 1 June 2017. Tourism Portfolio’s Founder and Director, Donna Kessler, will report directly to Outrigger’s Regional Director of Sales & Marketing Asia Pacific, Mr Andrew Gee. The Tourism Portfolio team will be working to increase brand awareness and look for MICE opportunities to promote Outrigger’s venues, resorts and destinations in Hawaii, Thailand, Fiji, Guam, Mauritius and The Maldives. Andrew Gee said Tourism Portfolio had a strong reputation in the ANZ region. “Their network of travel industry, corporate and MICE related contacts is second to none and I’m confident we will see some strong MICE results in due course.” IMAGE: Donna Kesslerlast_img read more